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Vikings Athletics

Spring Valley High School


Vikings Athletics

Spring Valley High School

Vikings Athletics

Spring Valley High School

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1 week ago @ 9:28AM

2021 5A Qualifier Ticket Information

TICKETING INFORMATION (Very Limited Due To Covid Restrictions)

·Each athlete has a passcode (listed on the entry sheet) for them to use to purchase 2 tickets for their parents or family members. Entry sheets are sent to coaches and they are responsible for giving each of their athletes their individual code.

·Tickets will be available to purchase at 9:00AM on Tuesday, May 11th

·Parent tickets that have not been purchased will be made available to the general public at 8:00AM on Friday for the Girls and 8:00PM on Friday for Boys

·Click Home Town Ticketing tab

·Click Purchase Tickets Here

·Click the appropriate track meet (Girls or Boys)

·Click on Have a Passcode (Then follow the prompts)

Important Spectator Information (Covid Protocols)

·Masks are to be worn at all times as well as maintain social distancing

·No re-entry will be allowed, cannot leave and come back

·No Concessions will be offered. May bring sealed bottles of hydration and packaged snacks, but no big coolers will be allowed through the spectator gate. Small collapsible coolers with shoulder strap is acceptable

·Must remain in the stands on the spectator side. Cannot cross over to the athlete side

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